Huge Benefits of Joining DragonSB Single Staking Pool worth of 200,000SB

  • High APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
  • Huge Rewards:
  • SB Price Increase Potential:
  • The game is invested by Binance Labs — a very big name in the crypto industry.
  • DragonSB has cooperated with reputable partners such as: DAO Maker, DnR Labs,, Maven, OIG, StarTerra, KOI Capital, etc. All are famous ventures and exchanges that have invested in hundreds of successful projects and incubate them going on the right track and reach their success.
  • The team follows the publiced road map perfectly showing that they work continuously.
  • Total $SB staked reached over 240,000 SB
  • Total value locked reached over $68,000
  • More than 100 stakers



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DragonSB is the first NFT Metaverse MMORPG based on Terra (Luna) and BSC applying Unreal Engine 4.26